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Über mich

About me...

Even as a little boy, I dreamed of singing, acting or just being crazy on stage. Back then I experimented with filmmaking with my parents' old camera, fooled around at family celebrations or did a playback show with my friends for the camera to songs by Toto or Police, with tennis rackets as imitation guitars, lamp stands as microphone stands and wooden spoons and boxes of washing powder put on a show as a fake drum set. Ultimately, I also played real instruments and took singing lessons and emulated my idols, such as Michael Jackson, Sting and Toto, through improvisation with singing and piano. And thought, that's it! That's how I want to play! This awakens passion in me and just makes me happy! 
But then a day came that I will never forget as long as I live. I finally gathered all my courage and presented my own self-composed and self-written song in music class at school.  It was an absolute failure. My classmates looked at me like they looked at cars. It was terrible, I wanted to sink into the ground, I wanted to get off the music bandwagon at school and leave everything musical alone.  
But ultimately my mother, with her sometimes very direct nature, also contributed to me continuing. She said, "Boy, don't do homework, practice piano!" As absurd and at the same time amusing as this saying seemed to me at first, I also recognized the true essence behind it. It is usually not important what kind of result we subjectively achieve at a certain moment. What's more important is that you keep going! Keep going and don't let the first setback along the way discourage you! That's why I continued and was the only man out of around 130 applicants to be accepted to study musicals in Leipzig in my year of study. I sang in my first professional musical in my second year of study in front of around 1000 screaming musical fans and played and then had a wonderful career with a wide variety of musicals. 
My impression is that there are a lot of talented people who could follow a similarly successful path to their own personal dream if they would just follow their path long enough. But there are also a lot of injustices in the family and in society that you first have to deal with, especially if you have no one to support you along the way.  
Like probably every person, I also had to struggle with some injustices in my life, which often moved me very much. That's why I see it as my job to use my music to make our world a little more humane and peaceful through tolerance and equality in every respect. Only in a place where people feel treated equally can truly peaceful coexistence without envy or hatred arise. 



Here you can see my latest YouTube videos. For older videos with a link to my YouTube channel LenzOP Entertainment please click here !

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